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 As a post-college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Magick and Alchemy, and living with your childhood friend, Shika, a woman who owns a shop that sells herbs, plants, potions and spells for amateur to professional levels of mages and potion-masters. Wanting to get your Master's degree, you went on a trip for new graduates of Lyneria College of Magick and traveled to the land of Magick, also known as Yasja, a part of Elveka, the land of the elves, in the sandy deserts, glowing oasis’, and home to the most prestigious magi and apothecaries. What you don’t think, though, is that a seemingly harmless trip could go so wrong, and you’re the one who is chosen to be captured by the darkness.

*Currently, I am working on this project independently  but would appreciate it if anyone wanted to help out with artwork. Thank you, and even if no one does end up volunteering, critique is more than welcome! Comment if you want to help or give critique! 

**If you do want to help, you will not be getting paid. This is volunteer work and I'm not in a position to give money, as much as I want to. Thank you!

***Game will most likely be R18 due to sexual implications, gore, and a bit of cursing.

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